Buy Offspring, Give Hope

Offspring isn’t just about bringing great products to families everywhere; we’re also about doing good, in every possible way we can. That’s why now, with every order you make, we will contribute to the Children’s Home of Hope, an initiative under the National Cancer Society Malaysia.

Children’s Home of Hope is a home that provides free accommodation for underprivileged child cancer patients from outstation who are receiving treatment in Kuala Lumpur. By supporting us, you also support this worthy cause by enabling us to help them:

Purchase and maintain a vehicle to transport patients between the home and the hospitals.

Upkeep the home to ensure clean, healthy living conditions.

Equip the centre with educational tools so children can learn even while undergoing treatment – which can sometimes last for months!


With every order (except trials), Offspring will contribute RM2 to Children’s Home of Hope, an initiative by National Cancer Society Malaysia.

So, by enjoying the goodness of Offspring, you can also bring goodness into the life of others.